Episode #10 - "Can bad be good?"

We think we are too earnest in our approach and after two handfuls of these episodes, we think we need to approach our delivery a little differently.  So while we often touch on difficult or trying things in the realm of self-development and fulfillment, we want to lighten up the discussion overall. So for this episode we are having some wine!

We are going to look at aspects of ourselves that would traditionally be seen by others as "bad" or weak or flaws.  They may have even been sources of shame, frustration or anxiety for us in the past.  (Now, you see why we have decided to have a drink!)  Obviously, we are not talking about immoral or criminal inclinations! 

We have picked a couple of examples and we have hidden them from one another until now to see if the person closest to us agrees or disagrees with this assessment. 

We hope you enjoy our discussion!