#11 - "Can people change?"

First of all, apologies for not uploading sooner. We both got ill and lost our voices at different points. We have decided to upload fortnightly from now on because we have a crazy few months ahead and we need to keep healthy. If we can, we will move to weekly episode once again in the New Year.

In episode #11, our question to consider is, can people change? What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

A total change across all types of behavior in a person might be a personality disorder. That is not what we are talking about! We are talking about small changes to behavior that can make things better or worse. They can have a ripple effect across our lives, relationships, jobs etc. We explore our experiences, the anecdotes and stereotypes that exist in our society, and the evidence that science, psychology and philosophy offer throughout this episode.

Roughly the sections are:

Section One: Where we initially started – People cannot change and don't change.

Section Two: People can and do change. Especially the ones that seek change.

Section Three: In truth, we feel people are in a constant cycle of change.

New segments and series announcement.

In two weeks, we will do the first of a semi-regular series called “The Way We Are take on….” in which we will take a look at the movies, books, albums, etc. that have stayed with us the most and impacted on how we see things or who we are. First up, Office Space! If you have any comments on this movie, there will be an episode #12 NEWS section opened shortly.

Chat soon!

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