I have always been a deep thinker, a worrier and a planner. Books, music, art and comedy were my escape from an early age so it was no surprise that I ended up pursuing Arts and Philosophy after high school.  Following six years of college and university, I was given the opportunity, thanks to a good friend, to work in Switzerland for a year.  It was tantalizing because I was sick of being a broke student and wanted some time to put together a PhD proposal.  But life quickly took a different turn. 

A couple of months after I left, Ireland faced major financial collapse making a return home difficult.  I also met the man who would become my husband and transform my life for the better!  So I needed to make a new plan, set new goals and take a more unpredictable path.   Life is never simple or straightforward and it has taken many twists and turns since I first emigrated.  I have learned that plans and goals need to be adaptable to where I am and to what life throws at me.   



I’ve been gripped by curiosity all my life.   Always the dreamer, I never lingered in one interest very long before moving on to another.  Fascination with world geography led me to teaching jobs in Eastern Europe and South America.  I drifted for many years. 

However, marriage to my beautiful wife made me want to be a better person.  I couldn’t help thinking about how small changes I didn’t make in the past might have improved my current circumstances. 

It was a recent medical emergency that finally persuaded me to become a planner and doer in the second half of my life.  And it works!  What would have seemed like a soulless lack of spontaneity in my younger days has turned into the joyous embrace of small accomplishments. Just one of the advantages of age, I suppose!